Monday, October 28, 2013

Pray for the families...

Day 2
Pray for the families of those who have been killed, those who are in prison, and those who have suffered harm for their faith. Pray that God will meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Pray also for comfort for those who have lost loved ones.

Psalms 94:16-19
Who will rise up for me against the wicked?
    Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?
Unless the Lord had given me help,
    I would soon have dealt in the silence of death.
When I said "My foot is slipping,"
    Your unfailing love Lord supported me.
When anxiety was great within me,
    your consolation brought me joy.

My heart sank looking at the headlines from K-Love news today...

Morrocan Jailed for being Christian

Christians No Longer Safe in Northern Iraq?

More Persecution for Iranian Christians

...and not to mention the ongoing news on Saeed Abedini, an American Christian Pastor, jailed for over a year now in Iran for expressing his faith.

Father above,

As these family members live with loved ones in chains, behind bars, or at the stake in the sake of your name I pray that you bring peacefulness to their souls in knowing that they are prayed for. That hands are reaching out over them, that thousands of people have them in their thoughts and on their hearts. Lord I pray that you will meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. For Lord you call each of us to serve you and in that you promise to guard the feet of your faithful servants. As we offer up our lives to you, and as many have offered theirs and are living lives that can be taken at any moment, I pray for peace in the thought of serving you and no other God. Serving your Kingdom and not our selfishness, serving your ways and not our own. Lord to serve you is to know you... to be close to you. I pray that these families whom face troubles daily, knowing that blessings come even when they lose someone they love, most dearly, are strengthened in knowing they will be reunited again one day.

Lord my prayer is a cry from my heart, spiritually laboring to beg for you Lord, that if you have to give the attention you offer me and take it to give to these families, to the persecuted, then move swiftly. Let me feel alone, forgotten and afraid, if it makes one of them feel more comfort, more love, and stronger in their faith.

I have my bible. I have my church. I have my husband, my spiritual leader, and my life group to give me support. Lord, take the moments you give me and bless them instead.

I want to remember Paul and Silas.

Lord speak to my heart. Let me know where you want me to stand, what you want me to notice as these 7 days pass.

Lord speak, I want to know your heart.

Let me hear your voice.

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