Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thankful in the Thicket

It's been a funky few weeks. It's been desultory, thus causing my heart and brain to imitate the sluggish feeling as well. My joy evaporated in the midst of this destructive Texas heat.

Then as I engulfed myself in my friend Whitney's blog, I realized that she was seeking what my heart had been avoiding... thankfulness. Full thankfulness in all I have, am, and where I am at in life. This striving sense of never enough, never enough, never enough has exhausted my heart, my brain, and my spirit.

So here I go for the rest of July, jumping on the thankful wagon using Ann Voskamps July gifts.

{Today: 3 gifts hanging down...}

Maybe this boy is the one motivation and inspiration for my gifts today. Hanging down seems pretty easy when hanging out with a 4 year old.
1). My hands hanging to hold his up
2). My feet hanging down to wrap him in tight on the first ride down the slide and seeing him laugh whole-heartedly.
3). My heart hanging low in humility as I just love, wait, and adore this gift of constant reminders that God just loves us and adopts us. He calls us his own when the world calls us forgotten. He calls us his child when the world shouts abandoned! God, yes, God calls us redeemed when the world calls us scarred.

For this I am so thankful today.

{Here we go in actively seeking joy}

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