Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lightening Storm

It was Monday afternoon and I had a summer cold. I was just finishing up Pride and Prejudice while slowly downing a whole ream of Saltine Crackers with a bowl of soup. I was tired of feeling yucky so I thought I'd go for a run. A 2.6+ mile trail run... yep, sweat out the sickness (much against my mom's - a nurse- advice). So me and Maggie my pup set off on a "fun" run, basically 400 feet uphill. Well, while we were 30 minutes into our run and coincidentally at the top of the hill a lightning storm hit. I could only tell because I was on the top of the hill and surrounded by lighting... ha. I began to panic. So on the way down I stopped and warned two girls making their way up the hill who could not see the lightening due to the brush and it still being daylight, they did not care much for my warning, nor did the old man who I ran into next. So I gave up, what's the use in warning every single person I pass if the first three people did not even care? So I passed 7 more people on the way and just waved - my stressed out I want to warn you danger is here all around us - wave.


I gave up so quickly. Not that anyone was hurt but they could have been.

How could I give up so easily on something when my whole life's purpose is to save people from death. To warn them that there is a storm coming. Yet, I gave up. God said that perseverance is key - it is what makes us mature and complete, never lacking anything.

I don't really have anything eloquent to say. It was just some thoughts I was having. I am just so blessed that I have a God who has never given up on warning me - even rescuing me.

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