Saturday, August 4, 2012

Red Light

Sometimes  life can be overwhelming. Rushed with  deadlines, meetings, early  mornings ending with late nights. Read this book. Review this  paper. Cook dinner. Do dishes, laundry, clean the house. Work on a relationship. Feed the dog. Workout.  Organize paperwork.  Pay the bills....  whew.  Rushed.

How  many times  do  we just work our  way out of a  relationship with God?

God: "Why didn't you spend  time with me today?"
Us: "Oh... I was just too busy.?
God "Too busy for Me?"
Us: "Yeah, you know like I had to do the laundry, dishes, work, walk the pets, feed the family, do groceries, budget, bills, catch up on The Housewives of Orange County, workout, make a new playlist, and beat that level of Angry Birds. You know...  I was really busy today. Maybe Sunday we can spend  time together."
God:  "Just 1 hour on Sunday?"
Us: "Yeah, that's all the time I've got in my planner, I can  probably squeeze you in 15 seconds before each meal if that is okay, unless I am with friends. Is that okay?"
God: "No."
Us: "Well, I'm sorry I just don't have time God. All this awesome stuff you gave me I have to deal with  now...  so I'm kind of stuck. It's not my fault I have  to keep up  with all of this. You're the one that gave it to me."

Hmm...  sound like you, maybe a little extreme but think about it. How much time do you really spend with God. I realized this today while I was out in nature on a trail run listening to "Rooftops"  by Jesus Culture. How much time do we really spend with the one  who gave us life, not just here on earth but  has  offered  us   life for eternity? He didn't have to, but he did.

I am so humbled by a God who could easily tell me he is too busy dealing with a billion other people to pay attention to me, but he doesn't. I am so humbled by a God who has other universes to deal with but offers to love me and hold me in his hand.  I am humbled by  the thought that he  doesn't just love me he cares enough to clothe me, feed me, and go even further and count every hair on my head and every cell on my body.

How can I not have enough time for him?

How can I not sit at his feet every day and offer my all?

How can I not turn the TV off, the game off, the music off and open his word?

I want to know God more, I want to know him as much as I can on this earth so that when I fall to my face at his feet in heaven I will not bring a tear to his eye. I want him to say "Well  done,  my good and faithful servant. My follower. My child. Come here and live with me FOREVER.  For you not only believed, you followed. For you not only followed, you were consumed by me. You craved every drop I had to offer and you poured it out only to be filled again. Come here."

That is what I want...  I don't want to be consumed by the business of this world.

Neither should you.

Take a  moment and look at your life. How is  it? Is it balanced? If it is balanced that's not good.  It should lean only one way ... it should lean toward God. You should be overflowing with him.

God didn't have to give you life, but he did.
You may  say you believe in him but do you follow him? Do you allow yourself to be filled up with his life, his  light?

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