Monday, August 27, 2012

Sour Cream & Onion

This past month has been so hectic. I feel like I finally had time to breathe. Over these last few weeks I have been just trying to get paperwork in order and on Friday I decided I really needed a weekend so I took nothing home from work (except my computer so it wouldn't magically disappear). It was a rough weekend... sadly enough. I finally came to the realization that I had to face something that was way overdue. So after a lot of "discussing", my husband and I finally sat down and talked. Face to face. We decided that we needed to figure out a way to communicate, to get things done, and to just stop stressing out about our relationship. Yes! Don't get me wrong, things are good... really good, but sometimes you run into these moments where it's not right. A bump in the road, I guess you can say. So anyway... we sat down and we had an agenda. Haha! We made sure we hit every subject:

  1. Finances (past weeks overview, this weeks budget and yearly goals)
  2. Schedule this week (where will you be)
  3. Chores (Who cleans what, who cooks when)
  4. Prayers (family and friends)
  5. Goals (yearly goals and how to get there -- 3 for each of us where 2 are personal and one is the spouses goal for the other person)
  6. Then our weekly questions (found off of someone else's blog)
    • How did you feel loved this past week?
    • What does your upcoming week look like? (not schedule, emotional)
    • How would you feel most loved and encouraged in the days ahead?
    • How would you best feel pursued in intimacy this week?
    • How can I pray for you this week?
So yes.... this is a lot of private information, but I think that it can help someone else, maybe. 

After we sat down and talked through all of this I felt like my love cup (since one on one time and conversation are two of my biggest needs) was overflowing. We were forced to w-a-l-k through these questions and really see how the other person felt. We were able to take responsibility for our home and divide the burdens evenly and willingly. We felt like a team and that little bump in the road that seemed to throw us off had been crossed over. Even better, we were back on the same spiritual connection that had been missing hidden behind mounds of homework and computer screens.

Isn't it funny how little things in life are just so big sometimes. Adam was telling me today that it is so amusing how we get excited about little things (sour cream & onion chips). We couldn't wait to eat sandwiches for dinner because we had these amazing chips!! It was so minute, but we were thrilled.  A lot like this agenda and fae to face conversation we had. We found a way to take pride in each other and our home. It was a little thing that made a huge difference.

God reminds us to enjoy things like this, moments of joy, moments of happiness.  
A joyful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22 

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