Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Visiting Orphans

I do not really know what to write about. Maybe that is it. Maybe my heart knows what it wants to write but my mind is still unsure. 

In every persons life there comes  a moment where they are asked to take a leap of faith.  A moment where you almost question yourself because the leap is so big, the drop so deep, and the other edge.... so far. Sometimes this moment may seem  minute to others looking in but to you it's a life pivoting moment and the pressure and stress is overwhelming but the joy that you know it holds is so comfoting.  However,  the other side of that is the what ifs.  

What if I don't do it?

What if I do?

What if it changes who I am?

What if after this moment, I can never go back to who I was, who I have been?

That moment for me is Visiting Orphans International. A mission trip where you travel across land and seas to hold babies in your arms. HOLD BABIES IN YOUR ARMS.

I'm really excited for this, especially since my husband's heart and mine are filled with the hope of one day adopting our own (with or without a disability). 

As I go through this great adventure please say a prayer. That I am landed right where I need to be, right where God wants me.  Please.

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  1. I am confident in this: God has designed your child and holds him close to His heart, even if she or he is not yet created. I love my grandchild so much already, I can hardly wait!!!