Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Nightmare... A Warfare.

Satan is scared! He sees me no longer as a concern but a threat and he fears what God can do through me. (Beth Moore) He has begun giving me visions, thoughts, and now a nightmare that terrified me at first!

I was in another country and my group was walking back to our hotel. On the way an army (specific in my dream but I don't feel the need to say it here) took us captive and dragged us into our hotel. There they lined us up and one at a time placed a gun to our heads shouting, "Are you a Christian?!" The people proceeding me cried out "no!" and were set free. Then the gun was placed to my head and I was asked the question that would offer life or death depending on my answer... but before I spoke I was awaken with a cold sweat and a pounding heart.

Shaking I messaged my dear friend. Terrified I waited for a reply. What does this mean? What on earth just happened!

But through the words I read from the reply I was encouraged. Reminders that Satan hates where I am at right now. He sees the threat and wants to break it down. This spiritual warfare is nothing I can't face without my Comforter, my Chain-breaker, my God! My God is greater, he is stronger, and he is higher than any other!!

Let me tell you this truth:
Enemy! You have no hold here! Flee this place, flee my thoughts. If you don't cease I will be sure that every thought you are allowed to put into my mind will be used for God's glory, I will allow Him to turn it around, to see his will in ALL OF IT! Because I was reminded what I would have said. I would have shouted "YES! Shoot me now! Let me go to heaven to be with my King!" I would have chosen eternal life with the one whom my soul loves!
You have no hold here. For the one who lives in me is GREATER than the one who lives in this world! I am not afraid of you, because you tremble in the fear you have for the one who lives in me!

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