Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Dream, A Purpose

In a foreign land, one I have never been to but for some reason I knew all to well, I was searching for something. I knew exactly where I was going and what I was looking for - or whom. Then I saw him, hidden in a corner covered in filth and I picked him up in my arms and held him tightly... for the first time in all of my dreams I saw his face. I held him, stared at him and began to feel the urge to cry. "I have been waiting to see your face," I said to him as he wrapped his hand around my pinky. I knew we were in danger and had to escape. As my body began to tremble for the urgency was immense, I ran. I ran with all I had and I held the baby boy in my arms without a thought of letting go. I knew his face, it was written on my heart.

As we fled, fled the life that had harmed him, the life that brought him tears, the life that offered no comfort, no loving arms, no warmth, I began to realize this was my purpose in life. My purpose was to be this child's mommy, this child who had nothing to hold onto but the hope of a better future. As we ran, I looked down at his face and memorized it, the dimples on his cheek and the big brown eyes that stared up at me with curiosity and love all at once.  He knew he was mine, I knew he was mine, God knew he was mine.

It was a dream, yes. A dream full of hope. A dream full of reassurance. A dream full of love. I know what God wants of my future, of that I am sure for I have prayed, and prayed desperately.

At my bridal shower last summer, my Maid of Honor created a film full of questions she asked my soon to be husband about me.  At the shower she asked me the question and I answered then she would press play and we would hear his answer. It was a lot of fun seeing how well he knew me. Then she asked a question, "How many children does Brady want?"

Adam answered... "If she could she'd have 80 and love them all..."
I know God has built my heart around children for a reason and I know that a majority of my children will not be of my blood but of my heart. I know God is working in our lives to love the orphans and to give them a family... even if it is our family.

I am excited for the future. I am excited that one day I will meet my child whether he/she is 2 or 12. I will meet that child and know that it is mine.


  1. a vision. i can't wait to meet him.

  2. You're blogs are always so intense. Why didn't you state that you had the funny background music in your dream? Either dream. :D

  3. Yes the background music was "oh, this is Africa "

  4. As a girl who has walked this journey....God has perfect timing. I fought and struggled with that the whole way and the moment it all came together it was incredibly perfect to every single detail. Trust Him! Trust His timing!!! Aunt Julie( I"m not choosing to be anonymous but nothing else worked.....